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Escape Room Success Record

If you have not tried escape rooms yet and you love problem solving, you should check them out! A co-worker introduced me to them a few years ago, and got me hooked. So far I have escaped 100% of the time and had a blast each time. Here is a record of the ones I have tried.

Room Name Time to Escape Difficulty Notes
Aunt Maybel's Christmas33:07(not defined)2 Adults, 2 Kids
Viva la Resistance!44:43Green2 Adults
Unwrapped37:16Blue2 Adults
TH3 C0D355:3020% pass2 Adults, 2 Kids
Antidote58:4525% pass2 Adults, 2 Kids
Shanghaied50:1035% pass6 Adults
The Dig49:3210% pass3 Adults, 2 Kids
Y2K53:2231% pass2 Adults
Tomb of Doom54:3212% pass2 Adults
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